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Iowa Mountaineers

Iowa Mountaineers. Once again, the year was an unusually active one. Our membership increased to 560 in the Active-Expedition category and to 530 in the Film-Lecture category. Rock-climbing courses for credit at the University of Iowa were increased, with the addition of two new concentrated courses covering a full week’s instruction at Devils Lake, Wisconsin, in early June. A nine-day course in cross-country skiing and winter survival was also given in early January for university credit. Eight weekend climbing outings and seven hikes were sponsored, with two of the Sunday hikes attracting well over 100 people. The popular professional film-lecture series had an average attendance of 440, while the annual banquet in April attracted 148 persons from eight states.

There were three large groups afield in the summer. John Ebert headed a 27-member East Africa Expedition in July, with visits to Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Twenty of the group ascended Kilimanjaro to reach Africa’s highest point. Two other major outings were sponsored in July and August under Jim Ebert. Forty members attended the camp in Montana’s Beartooth Mountains. Eighteen people climbed 10 major peaks in the area, including Granite Peak, Montana’s highest summit. This was followed by an 11-day, 43-member camp in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, with base camp at the Hillsdale Meadows about 15 miles from Banff. The weather was poor, but considerable climbing and hiking was enjoyed nevertheless.

The 1975 foreign expedition will be to the Quebrada Ishinca and later to Huascarán in Peru, July 5-August 2. At home there will be camps in the Needles of South Dakota in mid-June and in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, in early August.

John Ebert, President