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A.A.C., New England Section

A.A.C., New England Section. We had just one scheduled meeting in 1974, but Section members saw each other at several of the Appalachian Mountain Club and Harvard Mountaineering Club slide shows and dinners, with which we don’t and can’t compete. In the spring we had a purely issue-oriented meeting which was fairly well attended. We discussed the Clubhouse, which, it was felt, had run its natural course. The most heated discussion centered around the ever popular guidebooks and gazeteer issue. I believe that everyone had a chance to hear the many different sides to the problem. In the fall Ad Carter played host to the Board of Directors meeting at Jefferson, New Hampshire, which many New England members visited to express their views. The ’Gunks meeting in the late fall was the highlight of every New England member’s AAC experience this year, because of the good fellowship they found there.

Sam Streibert, Chairman