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Asia, Pakistan, Kakhari, Hindu Raj

Kakhari, Hindu Raj. Our 1973 expedition consisted of Karl-Heinz Boss, leader, Erich Fend, Peter Trappel, Manfred Bilger and me. After an approach by the Ushu valley we placed Base Camp on the east bank of the Kachhikhani Glacier. We made three ascents in the Hindu Raj, west of the glacier: Kakhani (19,262 feet) on August 16, 1973 by Schurr, Trappel, P 5150 (16,897 feet) on August 7 by Boss, Bilger and P 5250 (17,225 feet) on August 9 by Schurr. Kakhani was first climbed by the English climbers Collister and Metcalfe in 1968. The two last peaks were measured by aneroid.

Karl-J├╝rgen Schurr, ├ľsterreichischer Alpenverein