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Asia, Nepal, Peaks in Hidden Valley, Dhaulagiri Himal

Peaks in Hidden Valley, Dhaulagiri Himal. Our small group, Josef Kurz, Kurt Niedermayr, Hermann Ponn, Hans Richter, Gerhard Wendl and I, along with Rinchen Lama from Kathmandu, managed to make the following nine first ascents above Hidden Valley, just north of Dhaulagiri: Parbat Agratal (5890 meters or 19,324 feet; 2¼ miles due east of Tongu Peak) and Parbat Talpari (6218 meters or 20,400 feet; ½ mile north of Agratal) both on April 25 by Richter; Stupa (6301 meters or 20,673 feet; ¾ mile northwest of Tulpari) on April 25 by Hauser, Richter; Parbat Rinchen (6203 meters or 20,352 feet; 1 mile east of Agratal) on April 24 by Kurz, Niedermayr, Hauser, Rinchen Lama and Sherpas Ang Chottra, Kusi; these four north of Gegar Khola. Pashimy Himparkhal (6270 meters or 20,571 feet; 2 miles southeast of Hongde) and Purby Himparkhal (6231 meters or 20,443 feet; ? mile southeast of Pashimy Himparkhal) on April 24 by Richter, Ponn, Wendl; both south of Gegar Khola. Kasturi Parbat (5953 meters or 19,531 feet; 1 mile north of Dhampus Peak) and Chattan Pyramid (5798 meters or 19,023 feet; 2 miles northeast of Kasturi Parbat) on April 28 by Niedermayr, Hauser, Rinchen Lama and Sherpas Kusi, Urgien; Tashi Kang III (6130 meters or 20,112 feet; 3½ miles north of Dhampus Peak) on April 28 by Richter, Ponn, Wendl, Kurz; these three east of Hidden Valley.

Günter Hauser, Deutscher Alpenverein