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Note on Cerro Yagán

Note on Cerro Yagán. In his account of the New Zealand 1970-1 Expedition to Tierra del Fuego (see A.A.J., 1974, p. 202) Michael Andrews says, “The peak named Cerro Yagán by Shipton and said by him to be the same as that named Luigi di Savoia by de Agostini is in our view an entirely different peak.” There seems to be some confusion here as we have no doubt that the peak we climbed was Agostini’s Luigi di Savoia. On reaching the top, my Chilean companions suggested that the name should be changed to one of local application. I proposed Cerro Yagán and they agreed. We reckoned its altitude to be over 7000 feet and a clear view from the summit revealed no other mountain of comparable height in the vicinity.

Eric E. Shipton