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South America, Chile and Argentina—Patagonia, Peaks above the Northern Patagonia Icecap

Peaks above the Northern Patagonia Icecap. The British Joint Services Expedition (11 members, plus two Chilean army lieutenants), led by C. H. Agnew and C, S. Gobey, spent five months (October 1972-March 1973) on the Chilean Northern Continental Ice. From the base, set up at Kelly Inlet, the group made inland trips to pursue research in hydrology, geology, glaciology, natural history and surveying. During the survey trips, a party attempted Patagonia’s highest peak, San Valentín, reaching no higher than 2000 meters because of bad weather and avalanche danger. Cerro La Torre (the “Torre Tobler”, of the New Zealanders) was likewise attempted and the attempt abandoned because of avalanche risk. One of the leaders and two climbers tackled Cerro Arenales (11,253 feet), reaching a pass of 2000 meters on the Colonia glacier, but were forced to abandon the attempt on the peak because of crevasses. The last four weeks of the expedition were spent exploring and partially surveying the Benito, San Quintín, San Rafael, Colonia and Andrée glaciers. On March 21, 1973, the party was evacuated by ship.

Evelio Echevarría