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South America, Bolivia, Haucaña, Cordillera Real

Haucaña, Cordillera Real. A South African expedition approached the Ancohuma massif from Milibaya. They went by road to the 13,000-foot Mina San Antonio, southeast of the Milibaya road and followed a trail for a mile to the glacier which descends from the plateau west of Ancohuma’s summit. Because of fog, they ascended the right fork of the glacier which climbs southeast to a 18,375-foot pass at the foot of Haucaña’s south ridge. On June 22 Thomas Choate, P. Sweet and W. Krog climbed the steep south ridge to the summit of Haucaña (20,360 feet). The next day Choate and P. Campbell traversed two 19,000-foot peaks from the pass to reach the summit of Pirámide (19,357 feet), the highest peak at the south corner of the Ancohuma group.