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South America, Peru, Peaks in Cordillera Vilcanota

Peaks in Cordillera Vilcanota. The second group of the Munich Andean Trip had as members Angelika Forster, Sigfried Völkl, George Ashton, Reinhard Vogl and me. We made the following ascents: Campa I (17,995 feet) by all on August 23; P 5475 (17,962 feet) and Huekiriti (18,603 feet) by Völkl, Vogl, Ashton on August 24 and by Konnerth and Forster on August 26; Campa II Sur (18,307 feet) by Völkl, Vogl, Ashton on August 26; Huamanticaya (17,208 feet) by Völkl, Ashton on August 27 and by Konnerth on August 31; Mariposa (19,056 feet) via north face by Vogl, Völkl, Konnerth, Forster on August 28; Tinqui (17,864 feet) via west ridge (new route) by Vogl, Völkl and via east ridge by Konnerth, Forster, Ashton on August 30; P 5100 (16,733 feet) first ascent via north ridge by Vogl, Ashton on September 1. The last mentioned is a rock tower on the northeast ridge of Qaqakiru and east of Huamanticaya.

Herbert Konnerth, Deutscher Alpenverein