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North America, Greenland, Qioqe Peninsula

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  • Publication Year: 1975

Qioqe Peninsula, West Greenland. The second Hessian Greenland Expedition with eight men and my wife Anne left Frankfurt by air on June 27 for Søndre Strømfjord. We continued by helicopter to Umanak, where a fishing boat was chartered. We climbed five new peaks on the Qioqe Peninsula, some rock such as the east peak of the Inukavsait Qaqarssue group climbed on July 14 by Wolf Reuter and Wolfgang Rauschel and the next day by Kurt Diemberger, Hans Lautensach, Jörg Rautenburg, my wife Anne and me and the east peak of Qioqipqaqai on July 7 by Rautenburg, Rauschel, Karl Landvogt and me, some mixed climbing such as the west ridge of the west peak of the same group done July 16 and 17 by Rautenburg and Diemberger and the main peak of Qioqipqaqai on July 15 by Diemberger and Rautenberger and one a ski ascent, P 1670 (5429 feet) done on July 8 by Landvogt and me. We failed to climb the highest peak on the Wegener Peninsula, Agpartut, after a 36-hour bivouac in a snowstorm and continuing bad weather.

Robert Kreuzinger, Deutscher Alpenverein

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