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North America, Canada, Canadian Arctic, North Baffin-Bylot Expedition

North Baffin-Bylot Expedition. Our object was exploratory mountaineering in the “high arctic.” We began operations from the settlement of Pond Inlet at the north end of Baffin Island in early August, returning in early September. Utilizing a chartered “Peterhead” boat, we established a base camp at the head of Erik Harbour, a fiord on the northeast coast of Baffin. For local travel from there we used inflatable craft supplied by Zodiac of North America and powered by Evinrude motors. Other camps were established inland on virgin glaciers south of the harbor, and four first ascents of major peaks ranging in altitude from 4450 to 5450 feet were accomplished, together with ascents of several smaller summits and reconaissance of other major peaks. A first ascent of another major summit (P 5064), just west of the Narsarsuk Glacier on Bylot Island, also was made. Members of this expedition (Explorers Club Flag #192) included G.V.B. Cochran, leader, Caroline Cochran, Curt Saville, Don Morton, Charles and Ellen Brush, John Barraco and Peter Mullen. During a preliminary excursion by Zodiac along the coast, Rev. L. Dexter of Pond Inlet joined part of our group in a first ascent of a 3000-foot snow peak just south of Guy’s Bight and in a climb of the highest point on Beloeil Island. Climbers in north Baffin are cautioned to be prepared for unannounced visits by polar bears. Details of this expedition will appear in the Canadian Alpine Journal.

George Van B. Cochran, M.D.