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North America, Canada, Yukon Territory, Mount Kennedy and Mount Southesk

Mount Kennedy and Mount Southesk. Two years ago when Parks Canada took over the area around Mount Kennedy, and Parks Warden Service set up a Public Safety Programme. The first step was to purchase a complete set of mountain rescue equipment as well as mountaineering clothing and equipment. The next step was training and orientation. After a training session on Mount Logan in 1973, in 1974 we took another nine-man team into the Hubbard-Alverstone-Kennedy area. Base Camp was established on May 16 at 6800 feet on Cathedral Glacier. High Camp was above the icefall at 10,700 feet. On May 20 R. Haney, B. Wallace, B. McKinnon, A. Cochrane, L. Freese, G. Rutherford, G. McLaughlin and I reached the summit of Mount Kennedy. On May 22 the same eight men reached the summit of Mount Hubbard. We then went through a series of rescue exercises and medical tests. L. Trembley accompanied us to High Camp. On May 28 we were airlifted back out to Haines Junction. During another training session, we made the first ascent of Mount Southesk (10,250 feet) on August 28.

William Pfisterer, Jasper National Park