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North America, United States, California—Sierra Nevada, Tower of Delphina, Dee-Bees Rib

Tower of Delphina, Dee-Bees Rib. On the north side of the Bubbs Creek drainage at Junction Meadow, lies a series of buttresses and towers. The Tower of Delphina is the only one which is orange and readily distinguishable by a huge dihedral which splits the south face. The route ascends the right skyline arête for over a thousand feet of the finest orange rock imaginable. The arête is but four feet at its widest point and was followed with little deviation for its entire length. Paul Hurd and I did the climb clean on September 1. One piton was used for a rappel into a notch about three-quarters of the way up. No previous signs of foregoers were found as we reached the summit after a full day’s climbing. NCCS IV, F7.

David Boyd, Unaffiliated