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Dartmouth Mountaineering Club

Dartmouth Mountaineering Club. A newly revived expedition fund enabled the DMC to support two expeditions in the summer of 1973. One of these climbed the southeast ridge of Mount Hunter in Alaska, while the other spent a very productive three weeks in the Adamant and Sir Sanford groups in the Northern Selkirks. This fund proved quite a boost to the perennially bankrupt treasury of years past, and we hope to keep doing as well in the future. Besides the two principal trips, members also climbed in the Cascades, Tetons, and Yosemite throughout the summer months. The school year, as always, was a time of frequent trips to the local and regional cliffs.

Finally, the ever popular rock climbing school will probably undergo some restructuring in the near future. As the class is now, it does not appear that the safety standards are as high as they might be, nor that those students with genuine interest receive instruction and attention commensurate with their desire.

Budge Gierke, President