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British Columbia Mountaineering Club

British Columbia Mountaineering Club. Summer never really did visit the Vancouver area in 1973, and the BCMC schedule of 110 trips, including three camps, suffered accordingly. Nevertheless, the outings were popular, and good use was made of what favorable weather was available. The ski camp featured an extremely successful expedition to the northern Lillooet Icecap, where 17 new peaks were reached. Members were active from Peru to Alaska. Areas visited included the Chutine Lake ranges behind Strikine Icecap and, with lengthy solo expeditions by John Clarke, most of the unclimbed summits in the Silver Throne-Tumult region northwest of Mount Waddington and on the northern rim of the Homathko Snowfield. The club has ceased, at least temporarily, to build cabins in view of the crowding which almost inevitably follows; and more interest is being shown in conservation issues generally.

Richard Culbert