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Asia, Pakistani-Afgan Frontier Area, Mandaras Valley and Zebak Area

Mandaras Valley and Zebak Area. An expedition of the Klub Tatrzanski PTTK Krakow, led by Jerzy Wala, climbed first in the Mandaras valley. They made the following ascents: M 3b (19,417 feet; a mile northwest of M 5) on August 10 by A. Gorski, E. Bodura; P 5044 (16,549 feet, a mile southwest of M 10) on August 11 by J. Wojtusiak, L. Zabdyr; P 6021 (19,754 feet; ? mile southeast of M 2) on August 14 by M. Dabrowski, Bodura; Naser Khrosraw or M 2 (21,076 feet) on August 16 by A. Gorski, W. Kapturiewicz, Wala, Zawadski; M 5 (19,928 feet) on August 17 by Gorski, Kapturiewicz, Zawadski; Kohe Futur (c. 17,717 feet; west of Qadzi Deh valley above Vuring valley) on August 15 by K. Jakubowski, Wojtusiak, Zabdyr. The last peak is in the Zebak area, of which Wala has made a new map with separate numbers. The last named peak is Wala-Zebak 9. Wala and Wojtusiak also climbed a 12,500-foot peak north of Dagh Khana to get a photographic panorama.

Adolf Diemberger, Österreichischer Alpenklub