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Asia, India—Garhwal, Peaks above Balbala Glacier

Peaks above Balbala Glacier. An Indian expedition led by Dr. Amiya Kumar Hati climbed in northern Garhwal. Base Camp was above Mana at Chandhumka at 15,200 feet and Advanced Base on the Balbala Glacier at 16,400 feet. Camp II was set up at 18,000 feet on an unnamed glacier southeast of the Balbala on October 18. On the 19th Baidyanath Rakshit, Barun Kumar Ghosh and Sherpas Chhunje and Lapka started up P 19,800. A 400-foot rock wall required fixed rope. They gained the summit at 1:30 P.M. On October 21 from Base Camp Dhruba Jyoti Ghosh and Lakpa climbed a 19,000-foot peak to the east.