Climbing Regulations in Argentine National Parks

Publication Year: 1974.

Climbing Regulations in Argentine National Parks. While climbing in Argentina last winter I found out the new rules for climbing in the national parks; climbers would do well to comply with these and get permits in Buenos Aires before leaving for mountains. Permits can be obtained locally, but we experienced some trouble and nearly a week’s delay at Fitz Roy doing this. The regulations are 1. a passport for identification; 2. a letter from a club certifying to the climber’s experience; 3. a medical certificate that one is fit to climb; 4. parental permission if under 22; 5. a “leader” must be responsible for the whole party; 6. no fire arms; 7. equipment must be inspected. Further information may be had from Servicio Nacional, Parques Nacionales, Sante Fe 690, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ian R. Wade, Alpine Climbing Group