South America, Chile, Northern Andes or Puna, Incahuasi Ojos del Salado, Aconcagua

Publication Year: 1974.

Incahuasi, Ojos del Salado, Aconcagua. I was lucky to find a ride into the Ojos del Salado area. A group of government people left Copiapó on a Saturday morning to return eleven days later from Argentina. So I spent eleven days alone in the mountains. Although the road is in fair shape, only about two trucks or pickups use it per week.

I carried six liters of water at all times. I climbed Incahuasi on January 14, made a high-level traverse and ascended the Ojos del Salado on January 18. I then soloed Aconcagua on January 29.

Michael Kelsey, Unaffiliated