South America, Chile, Northern Andes or Puna, Cerro Miño

Publication Year: 1974.

Cerro Miño. This conical volcano (5661 meters, 18,573 feet), located east-northeast of the Oyahue pass, on the Chilean-Bolivian border, was climbed in December 1972 by Bión and Osiel González and Ursus Trotter, members of a large party of the Santiago section of the Club Andino de Chile, from a camp placed at 15,400 feet on the southern slopes of the peak. No traces of Inca occupancy were located on the summit, but only a metal disk of the Instituto Geográfico of the Chilean army was there; a number of army surveyors, whose ascents were left unrecorded, were active in this region in the 1940’s.

Humberto Barrera, Club Andino de Chile, Santiago