South America, Bolivia, Illampu and Illimani

Publication Year: 1974.

Illampu and Illimani. An expedition of the Club Alpino Italiano, Sezione di Bergamo, reached the summit of Illampu (20,872 feet) in two rope teams, well past the climbing season (late October). Details of the route are not available; poor weather was experienced. Thereafter, the climbers transferred their Base Camp to Illimani, which they also ascended. They then undertook the search of the bodies of Pierre Dedieu, French, and Ernesto Sánchez, Bolivia’s best climber, who had perished on Illimani last August. The Italians located the body of the latter, but during the rescue operation their leader, Carlo Nembrini, fell 1500 feet to his death. (From Lo Scarpone).

Evelio EchevarrÍa