North America, Greenland, Upernivik Island, West Greenland

Publication Year: 1974.

Upernivik Island, West Greenland. Our expedition was composed of Enrique Benavente, Juan Cerda, Emilio Civis, Berta Escola, Heinz Porkorski, Jorge Pons, Sara Pinazo, Elisabeth Verges and me as leader. We climbed a total of twelve virgin peaks. After a week’s trip by air and sea via Søndre Strømfjord, Egedesminde and Umanak, we arrived at Upernivik Island, where we set up Base Camp on July 22. From a high camp we climbed the following on Upernivik Island: P 1940 (6365 feet; “St. Eulalia”*); P 2015 (6611 feet; “Rock Peak”); P 1865 (6619 feet; “Peak of the Two Eskimos”) all on July 29; and P 2135 (6841 feet; “Great Horn of the Mist”); P 1885 (6185 feet; “Abyss Peak”) on July 31. On August 3 we explored the Qioqe Peninsula and climbed P 1230 (4135 feet; “Skeleton Peak”). Back on Upernivik we climbed P 1865 (6119 feet; “Midnight Peak”) and P 1480 (4855 feet; “Friendship Summit”) on August 5. The next day we ascended P 1840 (6037 feet; “Zodiac Needle”), P 1890 (6202 feet; “Pink Peak”) and P 1600 (5250 feet; Loose-Slab Summit”). After exploring Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord, on August 9 we climbed P 700 (2296 feet; “Duck Needle”) on Akuliaruseq Peninsula.

JosÉ Manuel Anglada, Club Montañés Barcelonés, Spain

*The Editor has translated the Spanish names given by the expedition.