North America, Greenland, Tasilaq Fjord, East Greenland

Publication Year: 1974.

Tasilaq Fjord, East Greenland. The Expedition of the Bavarian Friends of Nature were Hans Altheimer, leader, Dr. Ekkehart Otto, Dieter Sause, Klaus Niggel, Heinrich Handel, Josef Schrank, Toni Weg- gel, Ludwig Hausinger, Rolf Scofer and I. On July 11 we arrived by air at Søndre Strømfjord and after two days of bad weather flew to Kulsusuk. On July 13 we proceeded by chartered boat to Kungmuit and to Tasilaq Fjord. Three miles before reaching Tasilaq we made Base Camp on the right bank of the fjord. In two days we carried our loads to the nameless glacier in the west beyond Tasilaq Kua. With five sledges, self-made from polyester, we went on skis in rain and mist to the upper Karale Glacier. From two camps we climbed and skied to the top of 28 peaks. In the area north of Rytterknoegten (6625 feet) we ascended 15 unclimbed peaks between 4700 and 5500 feet of UIAA difficulty from III to V. On July 28 we evacuated Camp IV and sledged back to Base Camp.

Herbert Ziegenhardt, Bayerische Naturfreunde