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North America, United States, Wyoming, Bighorn and Cloud Peaks, Bighorn Range

Bighorn and Cloud Peaks, Bighorn Range. The northeast face of Bighorn Peak is a two-mile-long convoluted rock wall embracing two cirques. We have found no record of ascent. On August 13 I climbed the southern-most cirque wall, up a prominent orange pillar directly below the summit. The latter half of the climb involved consideration of the overhanging pitches above me, then three rappels into a gully on the right and 800 feet of steepening snow and frozen mud to the summit cornice. NCCS III, F7, 1200 feet. On July 2 George Hurley and I ascended the neglected east face of Cloud Peak. The granite walls, crackless at the bottom, prompted our attention to a hidden couloir and resulted in a steep snow climb to the summit. Later the same day, we climbed the tower to the east of Cloud Peak via the east arĂȘte, a delightfully sharp ridge. An old piton and sling at the top of the tower indicated at least a previous descent near this route. NCCS III, F7, 800 feet.

Robert Bliss, Unaffiliated