North America, United States, Alaska, Mount Hubbard, Southwest Ridge

Publication Year: 1974.

Mount Hubbard, Southwest Ridge. Bruce Tickell, Skip Edmonds, Bill Lokey and John Schutt made a fine new route on Mount Hubbard. After landing in late May on the Hubbard Glacier at 4000 feet, they spent a week getting their equipment the twelve miles to 7000 feet on the Alverstone Glacier. They immediately began moving up the southwest ridge. Camp I was in an 8300-foot col just beyond P 8807 and Camps II and III at 10,000 and 11,000 feet. From there they hoped to make it in one day, but after twelve hours they were still just below the 13,000-foot plateau and camped there. On the morning of June 15 they set out for the summit but it was not until ten P.M. that they stood on the top after a battle with powder snow over 45° ice.