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Colorado Mountain Club

Colorado Mountain Club. Continued growth, accompanied by an increase in all activities, characterized The Colorado Mountain Club during the past year. Membership currently stands at 4800, 10% more that at the start of the year.

Ten outings, a week or more in length, were well attended and successful. Of these, three were in Colorado, six in other parts of the Rockies, and one in England. The club’s summer schedule, which lists weekend and day trips for all 12 groups of the club, contained 200 pages, each with four to six such events. The current winter schedule has some 100 similar pages and also lists two ski outings to Europe.

Unfortunately, three fatalities occurred on separate weekend trips during the past summer. As a result of these tragedies, club policy concerning trip safety procedure, leadership training, and trip and climber classifications are being reviewed.

During the past few years the club’s conservation activities have increased steadily. In 1972 these energies focused on the Indian Peaks area to the west of Boulder and were instrumental in getting Congress to declare this area suitable for wilderness study.

Carl M. Brandauer, President