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Appalachian Mountain Club

Appalachian Mountain Club. Our members spent their summer in pursuit of diverse mountaineering challenges. Probably the most noteworthy was the ascent of Mount Huntington in Alaska by the east ridge by a party of five co-led by Frank Zahar and Niels-Henrik Andersen. Ed Nester took a party of 11 into the northern Selkirks, with other parties climbing in areas to the north and south. Various members ascended Devils Tower and climbed in the Tetons and the Wind Rivers of Wyoming. The local areas of New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, as usual, saw a great deal of AMC use.

The high level of usage and the resultant deterioration of the local climbing areas has prompted the Boston Mountaineering Committee to vote to cease proselytizing in the club’s publications. No longer will notices invite people to come and learn rock, snow, or ice climbing. We shall still instruct, but people must seek us out and wait until a small class has been assembled. Other chapters are also reducing the size and number of beginners classes. The use of nuts and of resident pitons and bolts whenever possible is being encouraged.

Reed W. Markley, Chairman, Interchapter Mountaineering Committee