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A.A.C., Rocky Mountain Section

A.A.C., Rocky Mountain Section. A section meeting was held in March featuring Masaru Kono, who presented an illustrated account of the Japanese ascent of Mount Everest. In October the section sponsored an outstanding outdoor seminar at Castle Rock near Boulder to demonstrate the newest concepts of clean climbing. Bob Culp and Dudley Chelton presented the various nut combinations, and all those attending had a chance to inspect each one closely. A pure nut climb was done over the true Bailey overhang route, and anyone who so wished could follow the route with the protection left in place.

The Rocky Mountain Section is full of active climbers scattered over several hundred miles. Its identity is difficult to establish because of the many active allied mountaineering groups in the area. There is considerable competition for one’s time. To be competitive, the section must offer excellent programs and meetings.

Cleveland M. McCarthy, Chairman