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Asia, Hindu Kush, Afghanistan, Koh-i-Parshui Attempt

Koh-i-Parshui Attempt. On our approach to the central Hindu Kush this year, our roadhead was Barikot, giving us two extra days march per traverse up and down. The local languages are baffling even to our interpreter; Barikot is Pashtu, but higher up there appear to be highly localized and incomprehensible dialects. We established Base Camp in the Sunigal valley (35°42' N, 71 °5' E) and had unsuccessful attempts at (Frey’s) P 5370 (17,618 feet) for lack of acclimatization and at Koh-i- Parshui (19,718 feet) because of impending bad weather.

Ian Rowe, Alpine Climbing Group