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Asia, Hindu Kush, Pakistani-Afghan Frontier, Koh-e-Urgund-e-Payan

Koh-e-Urgund-e-Payan. Six of our Sport Eiselin group climbed previously ascended Koh-e-Urgund-e-Payan (20,091 feet). We ascended the steep glacier left (east) of the Swiss spur. Base Camp was at 15,100 feet at the foot of the spur. We had two high camps. On August 19 Fräulein Dr. Veronika Marz and Sepp Loretz made the top; on August 21 Fräulein Alice Landtwing, Frau Ruth Steinmann, Erich Vanis and I. Lack of time turned Duane Ewers and Jean-Louis Barbey back shortly below the top. We had only ten days for the whole climb.

Alois Strickler, Schweizer Alpen Club