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Asia, Hindu Kush, Pakistani-Afghan Frontier, Noshaq

Noshaq. Our American Hindu Kush Expedition arrived at Base Camp at the foot of the west ridge of Noshaq on August 3. Kharposht-e-Yakhi (18,688 feet) was climbed on August 7 by D. and A. George, Arlene Blum, Joel Bown, S. Darling, and Leslie (Toby) Wheeler and by me on the 11th. Asp-e-Safed (21,349 feet) was ascended on August 14 by Bown, Blum, Darling and me and by D. George and Wheeler on the 15th. Meanwhile on August 12 Earl Furman and Margaret Young climbed Noshaq from Camp III on the west ridge, though Bill Griffin had to return to camp because of cold feet. On August 25 Bown reached the middle peak of Noshaq, but others turned back some 500 feet lower because of bad weather.

David J. Graber, Sierra Club