Asia, Nepal, Manaslu, East Face

Publication Year: 1973.

Manaslu, East Face. Fifteen members of a South Korean expedition were killed when on April 10 avalanches overwhelmed their Camp III at 21,300 feet. The dead were four Koreans including the leader, Kim Ho Sup, one Japanese and ten Sherpas. There survived two Sherpas and a brother of the leader, Kim Yae Sup, who had lost another brother on the same mountain in 1971. These three were swept down some 2500 feet but were not buried. As they lay there, another avalanche descended and carried them another 1000 feet, but they were able to extricate themselves. Previously, the climbers had reached a height of 23,800 feet. Seven other members of the expedition were not in the camp when it was struck by the avalanche.