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South America, Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, Cerro Mascarello

Cerro Mascarello. In December Eduardo Kornais, Gregorio Ancin, Osvaldo Troiani, Mario Serrano and I left for the Southern Patagonian Continental Icecap. We had hoped to go to Cerro Moyano, north of Lago Argentino, but transportation difficulties, especially with the boats on the lake forced us to the nearly unexplored region of the Mascarello range, between the Glacier Viedma on the north and Fiordo Moyano on the south. We explored as far as the Icecap. On January 22, 1973 Serrano and I climbed Cerro Mascarello (c. 8850 feet). The first part was 60° hard snow; the final section was on unpleasant rotten slate. The weather was consistently bad except for the day of the ascent.

Jorge Skvarca, Club Andino Bariloche