South America, Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, Northern Patagonian Icecap

Publication Year: 1973.

Northern Patagonian Icecap. Our party consisting of the Chilean Rómulo Tarsetti S. and New Zealanders David J. Launder, leader, R. David Clark, Ray B. Molineux, Neville J. Palmer and I, was north of Cerro Arenales on the Northern Icecap between 46°50' and 47°30' S and 73° and 74° W from December 1971 to February 1972. We got onto the Nef Glacier from the Río Soler. Launders, Palmer and I climbed P 2700 I (8858 feet) on December 30. This lies two kilometers just west of Cerro Cachet. The next day Molineux, Clark, Tarsetti and I from a col to the west climbed Cerro Cachet (9186 feet), while Launder and Palmer ascended P 2700 II (8858 feet), which lies four kilometers southwest of Cerro Largo across the glacier from it. We failed in our attempt on Cerro Largo in bad weather. After January 5 there was not one climbing day though we stayed in the area until February 6. One 18-day period was spent in a snow cave, from which we made very few exits.

C. Robert Gunn, New Zealand Alpine Club