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South America, Peru, Central Peru, Cordillera Yauyos

Cordillera Yauyos. In late September, 1971 Frank Hepburn, Scot, Peter Radcliffe and I, New Zealanders, were blessed by a week’s fine weather in the Yauyos. After the Huancayo-Yauyos bus at Tinku, we went up the side valley to Miraflores and then up the valley between Cotoní and Pariaccaca to camp near the head. We all climbed Pariaccaca (called Padreccaca on the Hoja Yauyos of the IGM, but Pariaccaca according to all the locals). From a camp farther west Frank and Peter climbed Cotoní, apparently the highest peak in the area and marked 5800 meters (19,029 feet) on the map. They crossed the col between Cotoní and the peak to the north, traversed the glacier northwest of the peak and climbed the west ridge.

Peter Barry, New Zealand Alpine Club