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South America, Peru, Central Peru, P 5370, Tunshu Group, Cordillera Central

P 5370, Tunshu Group, Cordillera Central. Two friends, Ruedi Merker and Magdalena Hohl, and I drove from Lima to Azulcocha on August 30. On September 2 we climbed Tatatunshu (17,241 feet) on easy, hard snow. In the afternoon the weather turned bad and remained bad for the rest of our stay. On September 5 we ascended Tatajaico (16,634 feet). On September 9 we made the first ascent of P 5370 (17,618 feet), the summit between Pacca I and Pachancota, first easy rock and then snow. We ascended from the east.

Christian Br├╝ckner, Schweizer Alpen Club