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South America, Peru, Cordillera Blanca, Tocllaraju

Tocllaraju. Our group was composed of Catherine Krieg of Lima and Swiss Max Gubser, Hans Bockhorn, Peter Hersperger, Martin Ineichen, Erwin Krebs, Heinz Schudel and me. From the Quebrada Ishinca we made the following ascents: Urus Este (17,782 feet) on June 11 by Bockhorn, Ineichen, on June 17 by Hersperger, Krebs, Steiger and on June 19 by Gubser, Kreig, Schudel, Steiger; Tocllaraju (19,790 feet) on June 14 by Steiger, Schudel, Krebs, Hersperger; Ishinca (18,143 feet) on June 19 by Hersperger, Krebs, Bockhorn, Ineichen.

Eugen Steiger, Schweizer Alpen Club