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North America, Greenland, American Arctic Greenland Expedition

American Arctic Greenland Expedition. Our expedition operated in two groups: the Inland Ice Traverse party of Don G. Stevens and me and the Mountain party of John A. Wakefield, Bruce A. Sloan and Roger M. Singer. The Inland Ice Traverse party attempted to make the first American ski crossing of the Inland Icecap. The proposed route was from Søndre Stromfjord Air Force Base to Angmassalik, some 375 miles. We covered about a third of the traverse before a retreat was forced due to time lost by extremely rough ice and bad weather. The west coast of the icecap in the Søndre Stromfjord area was very difficult to ascend. We were in the field from May 29 to July 12. The Mountain party sledded and skied some 70 miles over the Knud Rasmussen, Haabits, Connant and de France glaciers to the Mount Forel district. Two unsuccessful attempts were made on unclimbed P 3090 (10,138 feet).

Dennis G. McAllister, University of New Hampshire