North America, Canada, Canadian Arctic, Peaks on Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island

Publication Year: 1973.

Peaks on Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island. An Italian expedition was led by Dr. Bruno Barabino and had as climbers Dr. Giampaolo Guidobono Cavalchini, Dr. Giorgio Gualco, Dr. Franco Baravalle, Carlo Boati, Dr. Serena Sauli, Matteo Visconti di Modrone, Luigino Airoldi, Dino Piazza and Alberto Dalla Rosa and as geologists Giancamillo Cortemiglia, Remo Terranova and Maria Antonia Sironi. They were based at Summit Lake, from which they made three first ascents. Along with the Canadian Patrick Baird, Cavalchini, Baravalle, Gualco and Airoldi climbed on July 23 Sigurt (5775 feet) by its southeast face. On August 3 Airoldi, Piazza, Dr. Sauli and Visconti di Modrone ascended “Punta Marta” (c. 5900 feet), a granite peak which rises above the center of the cirque of the Caribou Glacier. On August 4 and 5 Cavalchini, Baravalle, Della Rosa, Airoldi and Visconti di Modrone climbed “Mount Volpedo” (c. 6560 feet), a granite peak whose north face rises precipitously from the head of the Glacier Lapin Blanc. They climbed two different south ridges. On July 30 and 31 Cavalchini, Baravalle, Airoldi, Piazza, Dr. Sauli and Visconti di Modrone made the second ascent of Baldur.