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North America, Canada, Yukon Territory, Mount Harrison

Mount Harrison. On July 12 my brother David and I were flown onto the Donjek Glacier. We spent the next 36 days at and above our Base Camp (10,200 feet) a half mile west-southwest of the Walsh Col and eight miles south-southeast of Mount Steele. Despite vigilant shoveling, we could not prevent the collapse of our two-man tent at various times under the weight of new-fallen snow during 24 storm days. On July 20 and again on the 26th, we attempted in vain to climb the west ridge of Mount Walsh (14,780 feet). The second time we reached 14,300 feet before adverse weather again forced our retreat. On July 31 and August 1 we climbed Mount Harrison (c. 13,100 feet). From our Walsh col camp we proceeded up the Spring Glacier four miles to an icefall below the Harrison Glacier and climbed the long, winding north-northwest ridge. We traversed over several summits to the highest (south) one on that greatly exposed and corniced, knife-edged ridge. We descended the shorter west ridge to the Harrison Glacier.

Ron Wielkopolski, Survival, Search and Rescue Team of New Jersey