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Give Me the Hills

Give Me the Hills, by Miriam Underhill. Riverside, Connecticut: The Chatham Press, Inc., in association with the Appalachian Mountain Club, 1971. 271 pages, 72 pages of photographs. First American Edition.

This substantially enlarged edition of Mrs. Underhill’s account of her Alpine experiences makes available to American readers who have been unable to secure the out-of-print 1956 English edition, a highly readable volume of mountaineering adventure. Climbing behind a guide in the 1920’s rapidly progressed to lead sharing and manless climbing in the 1930’s, followed by a “better arrangement”, namely, mountaineering trips with her husband in both the European Alps and the more remote ranges of Idaho and Montana. A beautifully illustrated final chapter on winter climbing in the White Mountains has been added in this edition. The Underhills’ many friends and admirers in the A.A.C. should be delighted to have available once more this refreshing story of their outstanding mountaineering achievement.