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Dartmouth Mountaineering Club

Dartmouth Mountaineering Club. The D.M.C. is alive and well, still doing things quietly, but with a flair. Andy Harvard, Jim Janney, and Todd Thompson returned to the Andes this year for more spectacular climbing. In 1970 they had taken part in the Andean Relief Expedition and made new routes on Illampu and Huayna Potosí. PhilKoch, a veteran of Yosemite and Alaska, joined Don Lauria and company on Baffin Island. After waiting out much bad weather, they managed to complete two first ascents, one of them on the Asgard Towers.

Closer to home, the club has kept quietly active. This past summer, for the second consecutive year, the club ran a summer rock climbing school open to the public, an endeavor that proved moderately successful. Beginning and intermediate seminars were conducted Thursday through Sunday every week, with special guided climbs for the more advanced on the cliffs of Cannon Mountain and Cathedral Ledge in the White Mountains. With the end of climbing school, a Yosemite Camp was organized in late summer. Three buses headed west from Hanover, each on a different route. Members stopped along the way to climb in the Wind Rivers and the Tetons. The club spent three weeks in Yosemite doing mostly minor climbs. Finally, in the fall the D.M.C. maintained a full schedule of local climbing, doing many of the major routes on Cannon Mountain and Cathedral Ledge and running trips to the Shawangunks.

The growing popularity of climbing at Dartmouth is indicated by the fact that the freshman rock-climbing program was larger than ever in the fall. There has also been considerable demand for the renewal of the ice-climbing school. The Breitenbach Memorial Expedition Fund is being revitalized and, we hope, will contribute to the financing of a Dartmouth expedition or climbing camp next summer.