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Alpine Club of Canada

Alpine Club of Canada. Highlights of our year would have to be our successful club expedition to Mount Logan; our general mountaineering camp at Farnham Creek, 35 miles west of Radium Hot Springs, B.C.; and the tremendous activity at our clubhouse in Banff throughout the full climbing season.

Phil Dowling, our immediate past president, led a group of six members to Mount Logan in May to attempt a new route. Despite some very poor weather and though they were forced off the primary route by weather, snow, and ice conditions, they managed to attain the peak.

The general mountaineering camp July 17–31, with superb weather, saw 186 people attend and everything in sight climbed, including Mounts Farnham, Hammond, Peter, Delphine, Commander, Jumbo, and Karnak, all over 11,000 feet. Several possibly new routes and traverses were accomplished, and all the lesser peaks were climbed. A high camp was set up at the magnificent Lake of the Hanging Glaciers, an area of superb scenery.

Our alpine climbing camp was in the little climbed area of Vowell Creek behind the Bugaboos. While the mountains may not be as high, the rock is excellent, and there are countless unclimbed mountains with many opportunities for new routes. Access is the problem. It took three days of a two-week camp to reach a suitable takeoff point for climbing. Some new routes were put up.

The clubhouse was a hive of activity. Many climbers from all over Canada and the United States, members and non-members, stopped off there at some time throughout the entire summer. Many contacts were made and climbs organized through the clubhouse, proving the worth of such a meeting place.

At the administrative level, the Board took two major actions. We set up two new funds: an expedition fund for expeditions or individuals, and a hut building fund which will be used primarily for erecting shelters for mountaineers rather than for hikers. One new hut was planned and built above the headwall at Mount Assiniboine. Ideally situated for the major climb in this area, this hut, now the property of the British Columbia government, should prove a real haven to mountaineers in the years ahead.

P. A. BOSWELL, Club Manager