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Asia, Pakistani-Afghan Frontier, Three Expeditions to the Hindu Kush

Three Expeditions to the Hindu Kush. Poles led by J. Wala made various ascents: in the Qadzi Deh: Aspe Safed (21,325 feet) and P 6250 (20,506 feet) between Aspe Safed and Noshaq; on the frontier chain towards the Zebak district: six 5000-meter (16,404 to 19,685 feet) peaks; in the Sust valley: an attempt on Qala East to 6000 meters (19,685 feet), ascent of one 6000er and several 5000ers; in the Pamir: P 6092 (19,987 feet) and several 5000ers. Bulgarians had an accident on Noshaq. A French expedition led by Regnaud climbed three 5000ers in the Zebak region. Details are still lacking from all three expeditions.

ADOLF DIEMBERGER, Ă–sterreichischer Alpenklub