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Asia, India—Kinnaur, Leo Parginal

Leo Pargial. M.H. Johnson of Sherwood College, Nainital led a group of six students from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. They made Base Camp a day above Nako below the Leo Pargial Glacier. Johnson and Duke climbed P 19,200, northwest of Base Camp, on June 27. On July 2 they occupied Camp II at 20,200 feet on the west col of Leo Pargial. On June 4 Raza Hasnain and Sherpa Angchuk climbed P 21,200, west of the col. A five-day blizzard compelled them to call off the attempt. Leo Pargial was, however, climbed on September 24 by an Indo-Tibetan Border Police team led by K.C. Mehra. (First ascent by Pallis and Warren, 1933).

KAMAL K. GUHA, Himalayan Club