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Asia, India—Garhwal and Kumaon, Kak Bhusand, Rajrambha, Gangotri III

Kak Bhusand, Rajrambha. Gangotri III. All three of these peaks were climbed by members of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. Kak Bhusand (19,210 feet) was climbed on May 14 by J.S. Negi, leader, Nafe Singh, Mingur and Ang Chettar, a first ascent. This difficult peak lies 12 miles northwest of Ghamsali in the Amrit Ganga valley, surrounded by Kämet, Deoban, Mana and Rataban peaks. Rajrambha (21,446 feet), second highest peak in the Panch Chuli group, was climbed for the first time on June 11 by J.C. Ojha, M.S. Panwar, Lakpa Tshering,Lakpa, Mohan Chandra, Sunder Singh, Fateh Singh, Prahlad Singh, Pritam Singh and Jeewan Singh. N.C. Tripathi, leader, Sohan Lab, Nimputher and Angputher made an ascent of previously climbed Gangotri III (21,578 feet) on June 26.

KAMAL K. GUHA, Himalayan Club