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Asia, Nepal, P 19,580, Patrisi Himal

P 19,580, Patrasi Himal. The Anglo-Welsh Expedition consisted of Edwin Hammond, leader, Dewi Jones, John Cheesmond, John Vincent, Dr. Ieuan Jones and me as deputy leader. We were to make an attempt on the main peak of the Patrasi Himal (21,742 feet; often referred to as Patrasi North), just west of the Kanjiroba massif. We flew from Kathmandu to Jumla, approached and set up Base Camp in the valley west of the main peak on October 3. We did not like the approach from here to the south col and so, after reconnaissance moved Base Camp into the valley south of the peak, intending to go over an 18,500-foot pass to the south col and the summit. Camp I had been established on this col when from October 15 to 18 continuous heavy snow fell and altered conditions on the mountain. We continued the snowplough work but, after establishing Camp III, were only able to climb a peak of 19,580 feet on October 28 before running out of food. Food had been very restricted by the payload of the aircraft that had flown us in. The summit of Patrasi Himal remains untrodden after some four attempts.

DAVID N. DRAPER, White Hall Centre for Open Country Pursuits