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Asia, Nepal, Dhaulagiri V

Dhaulagiri V. The Kenryo Alpine Club expedition was led by Genichi Yasaki with Tesuro Terahata as climbing leader. They gave up their attempt on the southwest face of Dhaulagiri V (24,992 feet) when on May 4 Hidenobu Tezuka, Kenichi Aoki and Toshiumi Yanagisawa slipped from 23,000 feet and fell many thousands of feet to the Konaba Glacier. Apparently they had climbed to the site of Camp V at about 23,000 feet from Camp IV at 22,000 feet. Since Yanagisawa was feeling sick, they were descending. As Iimura Tomihiko was ascending alone, he saw the three 100 yards above him. One slipped pulling off the other two.