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Asia, Nepal, Anapurna II

Annapurna II. The Shinshu University Alpine Club’s expedition was led by Mitsuaki Nishigori, seconded by Kako Katsuka. They placed Camp V at 24,275 feet on the previously untried northeast ridge of Annapurna II (26,041 feet). On May 4 Masatoshi Sato and Sherpa Sardar Girme Dorje reached 25,600 feet, but Sato was so fatigued he had to quit. On the descent Sato was so exhausted that he slipped twice but was held by Girme Dorje. At nine P.M. he could go no farther and so Girme Dorje cut him a platform and anchored him to an ice axe. The Sherpa descended to Camp V for help arriving at 9:30. At this time a light was seen from Camp V at the spot where Sato had been left. When climbers got there, he had disappeared, probably having fallen down the south side of the ridge. Apparently he had recovered slightly and tried to make his way back to camp. His body was not found, it being impossible to descend the south face.