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South America, Peru–Cordillera Blanca, Raura, Chacua, Volcánica and Central

Cordilleras Blanca. Raura, Chacua, Volcánica and Central. The names of the members of our expedition were Jan Weigel, Adam Zyzak, Tadeusz Marek, Alina Chytros, Zbigniew Bojarski, Jan Junger, Adam Bilczewski, Bronislaw Korzec, Roman Trzeszewski, Josef Bakalarski and I as leader. In the Cordillera Blanca we had Base Camp on the upper Llanganuco lake. On June 12 to 14 Zyzak, Weigel, Junger, Bojarski, Korzec, Bakalarski, the Peruvian Alex Sanchez and I ascended Pisco (18,635 feet). Marek and Weigel climbed Yanapaccha Sur (17,011 feet) on June 17. Zyzak, Bilczewski and I climbed Huascarán on June 21. On July 14 Zyzak, Bilczewski, Weigel, Junger and Korzec ascended Chopicalqui (20,998 feet). In the Cordillera Raura we had two Base Camps: on Lake Surasaca and on the pass near the gateway to the Mina Raura. We made the following ascents: Pucacalle (17,634 feeet) on July 29 by Junger, Korzec; P 5452* (17,887 feet) on July 29 by Furmanik, Weigel; P 5162* (16,935 feet) on July 29 by Zyzak, Bilczewski; Condorcenca (17,460 feet) on August 1 by Zyzak, Bilczewski; Santa Rosa (18,471 feet) on August 3 by Zyzak, Bilczewski; Pichuycocha (18,-143 feet) on August 3 by Weigel, Furmanik; Matapaloma (17,412 feet) on August 3 by Junger, Korzec. From the Estancia Tabladas in the Cordillera Chacua on August 6 Zyzak and Bilczewski climbed Chacua Grande* (17,553 feet) and Korzec and Weigel P 5185 (17,011 feet). The next day Zyzak and Korzec ascended Yancapata* (16,536 feet). In the Cordillera Volcánica Junger, Korzec, Weigel and Bakalarski climbed Chachani (19,918 feet) and Zyzak and I Misti (19,144 feet) on August 19. On July 25 Bakalarski and the Peruvian Alfredo del Arroyo climbed Ticlio in the Cordillera Central.

HENRYK FURMANIK, Klub Wysokógorski (Polish Mountaineering Club)

*First Ascent.