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South America, Peru–Cordillera Blanca, P5720 and Nevado de Caraz de Santa Cruz

P5720 and Nevado de Caraz de Santa Cruz. Giuseppe Loss and Carlo Marchiodi were killed on July 6 as they descended from the summit of the Nevado de Caraz de Santa Cruz (19,751 feet), on which they had made a new route, the north face. (First ascent by Huber, Koch, Schmidt, June 16, 1955.) The expedition from Trento left Italy on June 20 and had established its base in the Quebrada Santa Cruz. On July 4 Vicenzo DeGaperi, Remo Nicolini, Marco Pilati and Bruno Tabarelli de Fatis climbed P 5720 (18,767 feet), which lies on the ridge between the Nevados de Caraz and Artesonraju. Meanwhile the expedition leader Loss with Marchiodi, Franco Pedrotti and Piero Franceschini were heading for the Nevado de Caraz de Santa Cruz (the northwestern peak), but altitude sickness forced the latter two back. For three days Loss and Marchiodi worked their way up the north face and on July 6 were seen arriving at the summit. They began the descent but Pedrotti and Franceschini soon lost sight of them as a storm closed in. The latter pair left high camp and descended to Base Camp. When the pair did not arrive, a search was begun. On July 8 their bodies were found at the foot of the wall.